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Hey guys,

I hope you are all keeping well. As I promised, this post will be all about camp and what I did! To start off, I think it would a good idea to tell you a bit more about the camp itself first. It was a beautiful place and I already miss it. I worked at Ramapo for Children, and it was a summer camp for kids with special needs, situated around two hours drive from New York.

The camp was surrounded by forest and had its own lake, which was a great place to spend your breaks during some really hot days. The phone signal was weak and the Internet worked only in some places and at certain times, so we definitely  got a chance to discover how life on camp really feels. Have a look!

(few minutes later)

As you can see, we looked happy! And we really were. Every day on camp was special and we have created many amazing memories, which will last forever. One of the biggest and most important advantages of working on a camp are the friends you make. You know you can always count on them. I will tell you a bit more about this in a seperate post, as there is a lot to tell! But I looooooove these people with all my heart. I will also create a photo diary post, where I will show you much more, so keep tuned!

Back to work! What did I do? I was a dining hall staff member, and as the name suggests, I worked in the dining hall. My job consisted of setting up the dining hall for a meal, serving the food and obviously cleaning up afterwards. The work itself was very demanding and hard at times, because it involved doing all of this three times a day for five days a week. But! With a great team evertyhing seems easier and that's how it was in our case. We were there for each other and gave support to anyone in need and somehow we managed to keeping going for the whole summer. We learned how to work as a team and this helped us to get through everything.

How did our days look? We woke up around 6.30/7a.m. every morning and finished work around 7.30/8p.m. It seems like a long day, but we had a break in between breakfast and lunch and another break between lunch and dinner. We worked six days a week and had one day off per week, followed by the morning off the following day where you started at 10a.m instead. It might seem like a lot of work and it really was. But once you get used to the routine, you learn how to manage your time, your breaks and when to rest. You also learn a lot about yourself! Whether it's breaking your boundries or working under stress. It's a great experience and a great thing to put down on your CV.

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Klaudia .. X  

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